Blucat (netcat for Bluetooth)

TCP/IP has tools such as nmap and netcat to explore devices and create socket connections. Bluetooth has sockets but doesn’t have the same tools. Blucat fills this need for the Bluetooth realm. Blucat can be thought of as a:

  1. debugging tool for bluetooth applications
  2. device exploration tool
  3. a component in building other applications

Blucat is designed to run on many different platforms (including Raspberry Pi) by abstracting core logic from native code using the Bluecove library to interact with a variety of Bluetooth stacks. This talk will go over the objectives, designs, and current results of the project.

This project was started in October of 2012 by Joseph Paul Cohen (Website:
Joseph Paul Cohen is a Ph.D. student at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He has worked for large finance, IT consulting, and startup software companies. He now focuses on computer science research in areas of machine learning and cyber security education.


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